LNP 80 – How to Make Selling to Attorneys Effortless – Tiji Thomas

Tiji Thomas is an extremely fortunate person. He has experience that will help you make selling to attorneys effortless. He’s been around successful people all of his life and he has found great models to emulate who have given him a platform for success. He is originally from Philadelphia and lives in Houston. He has degrees in math and engineering, but has been attracted to sales and the selling process his entire life.

In the 12 years that he spent before going online he has produced over $150 million in revenues for the corporate company that he used to work for. He has produced multiple millions in annual revenues using the same system that he teaches students today.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Tiji Thomas chat about these points:

  • How Tijji went from math and engineering into sales
  • His style of teaching called the Socratic Method of teaching.
  • Tips for discovering how to go about selling to attorneys.
  • Knowing how to approach people in the way that you want to be approached?
  • Why it’s about asking the right questions at the right time and getting people involved
  • Are cold letters, the cold visits or the cold phone calls working?
  • What arelumpy campaigns and lumpy mail?
  • Are being a nice person and an effective salesperson incompatible?
  • Tiji’s specific 4 Step process for achieving a MBO, “Mutually Beneficial Outcome”

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Your Presenter:

Tiji has produced multiple millions in annual revenues using the same system that he teaches his students today.

Selling to attorneys is a lot easier when you understand the sales process and the psychology in dealing with your future customers or partners.

He teaches immediately actionable & implementable strategies, including having the proper mindset, that show people how to go from floundering in sales to finding success using a question and integrity based approach to phone sales.


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  1. Audrey Friedman RN, CLNC June 6, 2017 at 12:22 am #

    Hi Pat, This was very helpful, thank you. It is nice to hear that successful business is not about the ‘hard, aggressive sell’, but really caring to help a client. It is a natural for a nurse! Once I realized that – I left the hard sell and could just be my Nightingale self – it made all the difference in my client relationships.

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