LNP 85 – Top 13 Tips for Exhibiting at Attorney Conferences

You’ve spent a lot of money and time getting ready to exhibit at a conference. Don’t waste your money by decreasing your effectiveness. Here are 13 tips for exhibiting at attorney conferences.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • The 13 tips for exhibiting at attorney conferences.
  • Why you should always be alert and look ready to start a conversation at an exhibit,
  • Why you should rapidly follow up with attorneys who have a case
  • The amusing story of Marianne’s shoes (but not so amusing to her)
  • Lessons learned from Marianne’s shoe debacle

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How to Profit from Trade Shows – Secrets of Success

How interested are you in a technique that gets you directly in front of an attorney who could hire you – without being blocked by the attorney’s staff? As a legal nurse consultant looking at attorney trade shows as a cost-effective toolyou’ll be glad to know we’ve got good news for you! ​Hiett Ives ​and ​Pat Iyer ​teamed up to create a unique course that will help you:

  • Focus​ your primary services to your audience
  • Develop your show specific dialogue
  • Plan and schedule your post event follow up

What We Covered

  • Secret #1:​How to​ quickly capture ​ attorneys’ attentions to draw them into your booth
  • Secret #2:​How to make a brief conversation at your booth turn into a lifelong client
  • Secret #3:How to turn a business card into a ​successful sale

Sign up for this on demand online training at this link:​http://lnc.tips/tradeshows and discover tips for exhibiting at attorney conferences.

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Your Presenter:

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC built a successful legal nurse consulting business which she was able to sell. This is an unusual feat in a services business. Pat built her business by exhibiting and shares herbest experiences and tips with you in this podcast.

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