LNP 88 – Hard Lessons Learned by an Experienced LNC- Cheryl Gatti

Cheryl Gatti was the first president of the New Jersey Chapter of AALNC. Now 20 years later she again the president of the New Jersey Chapter! In this podcast Cheryl shares hard lessons learned as an experienced LNC.

Cheryl and Pat have also been at times on opposing sides of cases when they were both testifying as medical surgical liability experts for nursing practice. Cheryl and her partner Jude Lark established Lark & Gatti Medical Legal Consultants.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Cheryl Gatti chat about these points:

  • Cheryl explains the factors that went into getting her first case
  • How when she started she used the very difficult process of cold calling
  • Why it is so important for nurses who are just starting out to have a scripted responses about what you do
  • The importance of knowing your call base
  • Who was the most challenging attorney that Cheryl worked with and why that person was challenging
  • Why hospitals are putting up barriers for individuals who want to start their own businesses and still be clinically active at the same time.
  • What Cheryl does to cultivate long-lasting business relationships
  • Hard lessons learned by an experienced LNC

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Your Presenter:

Cheryl Gatti left clinical nursing in 2004. She’s been focusing since that time on case review and developing her business. She was one of the founding members of the New Jersey Chapter of AALNC, which started with an idea and grew to a chapter. he brings to legal nurse consulting a clinical practice that has included staff and managerial positions in medical, surgical and critical care units. She also holds an alumnus status as a critical care certified nurse from AACN in addition to having an LNCC certification from AALNC.

Cheryl left clinical nursing in 2004. Since then she’s been focusing on reviewing cases and developing her business.


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