LNP 92 – Scared to Death- What LNCs Must Know About Patient Fears – Colleen Sweeney

Colleen Sweeney RN is a skilled communicator who instantly wins over her audiences. She concentrates on the patient experience and she conducted a three year study about patient fears. Having spent a lifetime in hospitals as a nursing student, nursing aide, nursing assistant, graduate nurse, registered nurse, educator, manager and director, Colleen knows health care from many different aspects. For the past 13 years she’s held positions as Director of Innovation and Director of Ambassador and Customer Services at a hospital system in Indiana.

Her research is called “The Patient Empathy Project” and this made her the nation’s thought leader in truly patient centered care.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Colleen Sweeney chat about these points:

  • How scared are patients?
  • What are the “Top 11 Patient Fears”?
  • How Colleen ended up interviewing over a thousand people about patient fears
  • What is the “Rip Van Winkle Exercise”?
  • Are there changes occurring in the healthcare system to address patient fears?

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Colleen Sweeney is a member of the National Speakers Association, certified facilitator with the Tom Peters Company, and founder of Sweeney Healthcare Enterprises. She is on a mission to transform health care. Although she holds degrees in nursing, and business, and a masters certificate in project management, she attributes most of her success to an earlier career in improvisational comedy.  Her time on stage doing improv taught her to build enthusiasm, think differently about the work she does and pull audiences into the power of possibility within themselves.

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One Response to LNP 92 – Scared to Death- What LNCs Must Know About Patient Fears – Colleen Sweeney

  1. Rebecca Nixon July 15, 2017 at 4:57 pm #

    I really enjoyed this podcast, and am interested in the anticoagulant training. My mom was given anticoagulant while actively bleeding and hemorrhaged to death. My hubby was given the same anticoagulant and that scared me. He was palpated too forcefully on his right femoral artery and the Mynx closure device for his heart Cath dislodged where he bruised extremely on his private areas. As a nurse, I recognized my own fears as well. It inspired learning and I invested much time in studying the clotting cascade and intricate details of how each medication works. I studied this in pharmacy years previously and will continue to learn and teach it. Thank you for the well constructed podcast. I think it will encourage more learning for health care providers as well as patients.

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